When he and his wife Callie moved in, she was not too pleased with the house that seemed much smaller than it had in pictures. However, the family soon realized the duplex layout was not conducive to a single family. not part ways with the camp and all the memories. Episode: 1x01 | Airdate: Sep 8, 2008 1x01 | Airdate: Sep 8, 2008 Hilary and David help a family who have been in a dated home for 20 years. But now with two young kids added to their brood, Steves collection of instruments inhabiting almost every room is creating total disharmony in the Lederman home. The show is hosted by Toronto -based interior designer Hilary Farr and Southern Ontario native, David Visentin, a real estate agent. Initially Maria fell in love with the vaulted ceilings, large kid rooms, basement and what they thought was an abundance of space. Bert moved into Tommys eclectic 1980s contemporary home with a little too much personality for his liking, Jill and Joe purchased their 1,400 sq ft ranch home because it had plenty of space with a nice deck leading out to a pool. Angelo and Brigida have lived in their home for fourteen years, but with two active teenagers and Angelos aging parents moving-in for good, the house has become too crowded. Hilary updates a couple's vintage home while David tempts them with a pool.Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=hgtvCheck out our . After two years at the house they welcomed daughter Avery and then son Oliver. Avid runners Trish and Brians latest home is not accommodating all to Brians vision and hearing based disabilities. And ultimately when the smoke clears, will they love it? Will David find them a home with enough room or will Hilary make them fall in love by reinventing the homesfunctionally flawed spaces? Nicole wants a new dream while Kevvie is stuck on his fantasy space. Dave and Sonya have spent 8 years battling a never-ending to do list in their Mid, Century home. The Hungs house needs a formidable face lift. With the clock ticking down, Hilary and David are in a mad dash to deliver a family sized solution. Dave on the other hand feels hes made an effort to make this feel like home and knows his unfinished basement is the key to keeping her here. Or will David deliver the kind of move in ready centrally located home that will coax Aaron to move? Now completely dysfunctional, Delilah wants a house thats done from top to bottom while Dan is clinging to his hopes for this house like a life raft. Can Hilary squeeze enough function out of their limited footprint to keep Jody at home? When all members of the Jaswal family pooled their money for a new home, function took the back seat to form. They want to start a family and while Jody strongly feels they can fix up their home to make it ready for kids, Emilee does not. LOVE IT! David scours the neighborhood for a more functional fantasy while Hilary tries to rebuild the dream. What was once a spacious main floor now is constant cause of stress as it can no longer accommodate this busy family of five. Three years ago, Gerard and Lakas careers brought them to Canada. Episode List. Bijal and Sunita purchased their downtown starter home before they had children. Rv Salvage Ocala Fl36 miles away 2 Campers Corner 2354 Hwy 441 27 Fruitland Park, FL 34731 EMAIL 25. David must find a home that is modern enough to satisfy Stephanie, but functional enough to tear Peter away from his freshly renovated home. The kids started to grow and so did all the stuff that is a reality with many young, active families. David has to deliver lakeside luxury with room to grow and no to-do list to coax Catherine to list, while Hilary renovates bathrooms, bedrooms and a third floor surprise all in an effort to get Scott to fall back in love with the home that has come to mean so much to his beloved wife. Steven and Stephanie live in a fabulous part of town in a seriously dated home. When a house no longer feels like home, homeowners are left with a big financial and emotional question: renovate or sell it? They bought a 1930s, ivy-covered At first the charming home lived up to their greatest expectations but now with a toddler and a newborn the difficulties and impracticalities of an older home have quickly become apparent. A couples family home was move-in ready over a decade ago, but now theyre struggling with its dark, dated and cramped style. Love It or List Itis back!The HGTV fan favorite returned for its 15th season in November 2019, and it came back in a big way: The show earned its highest ratings ever for its 201st episode Dec. 30 . For Mike, its never felt like home and he finds it to be tight, dark and totally unsuitable for entertaining. With marriage and the birth of their two sons the bachelor pad started to burst at the seams and the family members struggle to find space they can call their own. Can Hilary re imagine their living spaces enough to let this family write their next chapter here? Can Hilary pull off the mandatory main floor miracle? Oliver put an offer on a home when his wife Melissa was away on business. With a tiny kitchen and an overall lack of space and privacy, Jay and Shari are at their wits end. Healthy Start . them to buy their first house and put down roots. Can David divide Brads daycare from his day to day or will Hilary create enough space to contain the kids and calm the contentious Kim? Their family is the fifth generation to live in this classic century farmhouse. Or will they have to re-evaluate everything they thought they wanted in a home? Eager to start a family, a couple has become divided over their bungalows ability to house their next chapter. With three kids in their teens and tweens, the family is constantly on top of one other. Or will David find them the perfect mix of urban and rural? Or will David be able to find the needle in the haystack in Steves. Now Hilary and David are aiming to bring this couple together in a house thats right for a family. Roxy also uses the basement for her business, which leaves no room for Dee to entertain. Can Hilary reinvent their tight basement to provide much needed function? Can Hilary convince Deborah that a top to bottom renovation can keep them at home in their central neighborhood? Krista, on the other hand, is attached to the house shes brought her babies home to and knows they havent tapped this homes true potential. Will David find them a home with wide open spaces or will Hilary make, them fall in love all over again by reinventing many of the homes hotly debated, Marty and Shannan inherited a century old farmhouse on a large property that, hosts the familys summer music camp. 43 min 12/8/2014 $2.99. But Catherine loves this houseit is where she has fought and won the toughest battle of her life! LaShawn is desperate for a home with more spaceand better function for her family; Lola, however, has no plans of uprooting again, after having just moved in. The young couple has welcomed a new baby into their house and Stephanies Dad has moved in for good. Or will David sweep them closer to the city? Now Hilary and David will battle it out to deliver the safe, stunning stress free home this conflicted couple deserves. Several years and two kids later they have outgrown their home. Rory, however, thinks they made a big mistake. Facing lofty expectations and their combative nature the hosts patience are pushed to the brink. Helen loves her house and wants to fix it, but Andrew wants a larger home and wants to move on. They bought it seven years ago, shortly after having their first child, and now they have four children in two bedrooms, Michael and Natalie relocated across the country into a house that Natalie had only seen photos of, and she gave birth days later. After four years of marriage, police officers Mike and Danny are split on Dannys former bachelor pad. Husband Bevin wants to move to the suburbs where he can live like a king! Several years and two kids later, the dangerous front yard and the death drop of the ravine out back combined with the horrible sight-lines inside have made their home a child safety nightmare for Linh, while an obsessive attachment to his homes green space has Joes roots dug in deep. 'Love It or List It' cast and characters Hilary Farr. Stephanie cant see anymore what this house has to offer, while Steven wants to stick to the plan. He hopes that Hilary can make this all-original home feel new again, while shes excited by the possibilities David has to offer. She, is eager to find a new home without all the problems, but Marty can. Thomas loves the location but Sarah feels that the, cramped quarters confine her. Rod is dodging toys in his basement office space and Jennifer would love the ability to relax in her old and tired en suite bathtub at the end of a hectic day. Justin is already overwhelmed with the daily struggles in a small house that does not meet their needs. LIVE IT! High school sweethearts, Michelle and Chris, moved to a desirable neighborhood inside the belt line just minutes from downtown. With dangerously unfinished renovations, a freezing cold kitchen and a laundry lined basement it has become painfully clear to Chris and Petrea that their one time dream home no longer works for this environmentally conscious couple. As soon as Jamelle and Lauren found a house in a neighborhood they adored, they made a very fast purchasing decision. However after a year in the home, their daughter Parker arrived and the family started feeling the crunch. Or will David coax Sachi into something new? She knows David can find them a bigger home, while he thinks Hilary can win the family over with her design magic. 33,355 people like this. Launched in 2008, HGTV's Love It or List It continues to bring a unique aspect of competition to the venerable home-renovation genre on television. however is determined to make this house work. Ron and Mishelle purchased Rons heritage family home one year ago. With borderline budgets, and lofty lists, can Hilary bring back the love to make Ryan see a future here or will David save the day with a suitable family space? Parveen and Andy have been married for one month, but dont live together. After selling the house to relocate, the couple had the opportunity to buy it back years later when they returned to the area. Will either of them find the balance to please this picky pair? Mary-Jo and Glen are at odds over their 1930s farm house. Or will David find them the house that has it all? Jody needs space to breathe, while Sam thinks their current home can be made to work. Can Hilary make Geoff love it again? Hilary works to create a more functional layout while David searches for a new house with an obstacle-free kitchen. Or can Hilarys overhaul of every level of their tiny house win back Dans heart? She just needs Hilary to create three completely finished separate spaces that will allow them to rent out the basement, as well as improve the heating throughout the house.

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