Get an online appraisal of your duck decoy from Dr. Lori. Clemens, MI, G.H. (inside fish symbol) John Swenson Frazee, MN, JS John Samuelson Native American Central Minnesota, J. Vannet James Vannet or Vannette WI, JW (monogram, the points of the W are arrowhead spear points) Jerry Wolinski Sterling Heights, MI, JW Casting Company Ogema, MN (See Jay Walz), K HDL Decoys Hewey, Duey & Lewey (See Robert Billings, John Surgent and George Kustin), Kaminen- Gary C.Kaminen Keewatin, MN garynmari, Kamis Karvings Keewatin,MN (See Gary Kaminen), kathyb67 The Old Coots Place Kathy & M. Wayne Baldwin Kenton, OH, KAW Kimberley Ann Winkelmann AKA Kimberley Richards, AKA Kimberley, Harrigan Kimberly (Tom Richards daughter), formerly Kimberly Richards Black Creek, Wisconsin, K & E Tackle Co. Ken & Evelyn Sprague Hastings, MI, Ken & Wanda Ken & Wanda Vickerman Deer River, MN, KB Ken & Bernie Brucklacher Wisconsin & Nevada, kcfish7022 Richard Aldrich Hibbing, MN, KC (inside fish logo) Richard R. & Kathryn Chris Aldrich Hibbing, MN, Kingfish Bar Lake Fishing Tackle Co. Manistee, MI (Soren Hansen & Everett Peterson), KR Kimberley Ann Winkelmann (AKA Kimberley Richards, AKA Kimberley Harrigan) Black Creek, Wisconsin Decoys. I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing Agreement and am familiar with each and all of the terms contained therein, I am satisfied that the Agreement is fair and equitable, and I hereby give my express consent to its execution by my child/ward and will not revoke my consent at any time. Look for original paints if you search for genuine antiques. FISH/Sturgeon on belly Tom Richads Cadillac, MI, Fish Bustr Lakeland Wholesale Bait Co. Richard Brunelle Brainard, MN, (fishcarver) Dean Steffen Hillsboro, MO, fishcritter Larry Christy Zeigler, IL, fishdecoycarver Rich Brooks Langhorne, PA, Fish Decoy Co.- Steve Robbins Clifton, OH, Fish Decoys & More Ray Forner Rockville, MN, Fisheretto Brown Bros. Sam, Mike & Ed Brown Osakis, MN, Fishhook logo Kimberley Richards aka Kimberley Winkleman, AKA Kimberley Harrigan (Tom Richards daughter) Black Creek, Wisconsin, F.S. Includes. Most will even prompt you to reduce the file size before you hit Send. For instance, Long Island, New Jersey, North Carolina, and New England are areas that have specific elements, decoy types, and collectors. A: Antique duck decoys are very sensitive to any external factor (humidity, sun exposure, etc.). Subscribers must be able to use email, complete a web form, and attach images. We do not need large files and it only slows the Online Appraisal review process. It can take years of study to become a true expert, but if you are really interested you can learn to check the key ID features and spot specific elements of an antique duck decoy. American decoys can be traced back to the 1,200-year-old canvasback found in a cave in Nevada. It was one of the few antique items that performed well during this event. No makers mark that I can see. They sold decoys worldwide. If applicable, appraisals are subject to satisfactory completion of repairs or restoration and value conclusions are contingent upon completion of the improvements in a workmanlike manner. Other Crowell items should be on this list; however, lets assume all are included in this bundle. meatcleaver_designs, Neil J. Oakes Grawn, Michigan, North Dakota Decoys Rick Whittier Lidgerwood, ND, oldcoot81 Fish Decoys & More Ray Forner Rockville, MN, Old Dux Ron Fisher Marshalltown, Iowa, Old Oregon Lures Dean Crouser Gresham, Oregon, Old Wooden Fish Co. Michael Roy Mikko Cowdery Osakis, MN, Ole 3-Way Fish Decoy Titloe Heights Bait Co. Gaylord, MN, P. Daugherty Paul Pentwater Paul Daugherty Pentwater, Michigan, Perchville Legend HJH, Harry J. Haglund East Tawas, MI, phillipcates Sheila Cates Buffalo, Missouri (Husband Phillip also uses this), pinkstarlights Heather & Ronald Landenberg, Bad Axe, MI, Plattes Decoys Benjamin Platte Saint Paul, Minnesota, Porters Handcrafted Decoys George Porter, pwkaufman DAK & dK (stylized monogram) David A. Kaufman Weymouth, MA, Racey Stacey Stacey Seeley Kalkaska, MI, r.a. Russ Allen Atlantic City, New Jersey, Racy Stacey Stacey Seeley Kalkaska, MI, Randall Decoy Co. George L. Randall Willmar, MN, RAS David Rasmussen Detroit Lakes MN, RB (Back to Back Monogram) Robert Mad Dog Billings Minocqua, WI, Red Feather on Bottom Mike Allsup Pine River, MN, REIGs Oliver Reigstad Duluth, Minnesota, Reigstad Decoys Oliver Reigstad Duluth, MN, R.E. Interest among sport hunters and folk art collectors was high enough to merit one sale a year there, and by 1983, Bourne was holding three sales a year. Passionate people are exchanging impressive amounts of money to satisfy their hobby. Vintage and antique duck decoys have different designs, depending on their intended purpose. Duck Decoys. Avoid repainting, treating, and varnishing the antique decoys. A mold-made bi-chrome ceramic vessel in the form of a seated Muscovy duck, its body fat, its head proudly forward . This approx. For practice, you can attend decoy auctions, and hunting shows to get on-hand experience. The appraiser has no bias with respect to the subject matter or parties involved in any sale (if applicable). Manufacturers from this area were producing vast quantities of decoys. Antique Duck decoys are as valuable as many other vintage and antique items. The Duck Decoy is a less common antique object with a broad and exciting history. Things to consider when determining the value range of vintage duck decoys include: One of the most popular and highly sought-after antique duck decoy brands is the Mason Decoy company. Black duck by J. Distinguish a collection from an investment. Vintage mason decoys are relatively more valuable than other commercially produced duck decoys. In turn, the demand for decoys grind to a halt. Expert's Assistant: I always love having an appraiser look at my stuff. Higdon, AvianX, and Dakota are not small decoy companys. Of course, any digital camera will work too. The word decoy is a dutch word that refers to the cages used by hunters in the Old World to tame wild animals, especially birds. lizard pictorial logo Lizard Lake Decoys Hackensack, MN? Some factories also produced some notable vintage duck decoys in the 1900s. I understand that Masterpiece Technologies, Inc. (Producer) is producing video/web/YouTube series tentatively entitled Ask Dr. Lori LIVE (the Program), and that Producer would like for me to voluntarily participate in the production of the Program and engage in all activities associated with my participation in the Program (the Activity). This information alerts you to locations where people have bought similar items like yours. Beaver Dam; Berlin; . The hunters who lie in wait would then capture the live birds that approach the dummy. Duck decoys were not so popular among collectors until the mid-20th century. Some may have metal tacks or nails for eyes. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7594742255. posted: 2023-03-01 15:26. or BC Bob Coffman (A/K/A WHS for Weird Harolds Son) Minnesota, Bear Creak Bait Co Ice King Walter Wiitala Kaleva, MI, Benziejo Decoys Jo Anne & Fred Campbell Benzonia, MI, Bevy W. Bevy Williams Virginia Beach, VA, B&G Decoys Beth&Gene Burnett Springfield, IL, bikegirl38 MEYRE Lures, Michael Harold Eyre, son of Harold Henry Eyre London, Ontario, Canada, BJS B.J. The current condition of an antique duck decoy plays a significant role in determining its value. The Crowell two duck decoys were carved by Massachusetts native Elmer Crowell. There Is The Makers Mark On The Bottom Looks Like T.h. At the time, not all duck decoys had the same value. Maker. Unknown; Charles Ahner; Nubs Allen; Frank Ambrosich; Joe Anderlik; Andy Anderson; Don Anderson . Therefore, the prices might go higher. Todays antique market is subject to continuous change. Huntsmen today do not use duck decoys due to modern technology and materials, so these items are now considered genuine antique and vintage treasures. aage1 or AAGE Aage Bjerring Long Island N.Y. acook John Cook from Remer, MN now in Missouri, Aero Lure Walden Aero Lure Virginia, MN, AG Art Glazier Purcellville, Virginia, A.J. Carved by John Blair, this simple antique piece fetched about $214,000. Most vintage duck decoys do not have identifiable markings. As a matter of fact, dedicated shows, auctions, and conventions across the U.S. and even worldwide are committed to this art. I am wondering who the maker is and if decoys made by this . Note the distinctive swirl as well as feather paint detailing to the back. If you are interested in buying and selling antique duck decoys and prefer the mainstream online platforms, check these sources: Check the wide range of vintage and antique duck decoys on eBay. I represent and warrant that I gave nothing of value nor did I agree to give anything of value to anyone so I could be in the Program or the Advertisements. But they won't be cheaper than the ones you named. Stephen OBrien of Copley Fine Art Auctions, Boston, said studying Adele Earnests The Art of the Decoy would go a long way in familiarizing oneself with the fine details of duck decoys. If you want to have precious items in your collection, pay attention only to trustworthy sellers with a good reputation, as the market is full of replicas. Any sketch and/or photograph may show approximate dimensions and is not to be used as an exact measurement unless otherwise indicated. Carved and polychrome, CARVED AND PAINTED BLACK DUCK DECOY, MASON, PAIR OF MINIATURE DUCK DECOYS, IN THE STYLE, Two miniature duck decoys, one black duck. No change of any item in the report shall be made by anyone other than the appraiser and the appraiser shall have no responsibility for any unauthorized change. Carvers Signature to Name cross reference, 2ndtimothycreations Timothy Stouffer Ely MN. Carvers were making a few decoys of better quality with improved materials and more intricate designs for the wealthy. Whats the Difference Between Vintage And Antique ? 2023 VIP Art Fair Collectibles - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP, Antique Glass Pitchers: A Guide to Collecting and Identifying (2023 Updated). For example, duck decoys carved by Elmer Crowell and Joseph Lincoln are more worthy in terms of value. AXP mallards lead the category with a true-to-life flock of hens and drakes designed by world champion decoy carver Rick Johannsen. The appraisal value does not guarantee a selling price for item appraised. Vinyl Records Value: Your Old Value Records Worth a Fortune, Vintage Stiffel Lamps: Value and Price Guide, Vintage Smith Corona Typewriter: History, Models, and Value, Vintage Schwinn Bikes: [Types, Identification, and Values], Vintage Rooster Cookie Jar Identification and Value Guide. Artists paid more and more attention to details, so the painting started to be more elaborate and accurate. Hence, these items are regarded as antique and vintage. Antique collectors may have different interests when it comes to the items they hunt for. All conclusions and opinions concerning the appraisal that are set forth in the report were prepared by the appraiser whose name appears in the appraisal report, unless otherwise indicated. (here is another example of their work). Also, when saving the file as a .jpeg, select a smaller file size or lower quality when prompted or use an options menu during the save file process when provided. Most soaps contain ultraviolet brighteners, which will affect the color shades and make duck decoys look unnatural. Beaver Dam; Berlin; Briggsville; Burnett; Fox Lake; Green Lake; Horicon; Hustisford; Juneau; Kewaskum; . Nicely crackled surface. Gus Wilson wasnt the best decoy carver, yet this item still generated over $300,000 at the point of sales. Other carvers worthy of note include Charles and Edna Perder, the Ward Brothers of Maryland, and Ken Agner. Gift Subscription recipients agree to all above terms and conditions upon use of the Priority Ask Dr. Lori service. Often, the color used depends on the variety of ducks and fowls found within that region. It made decoys in several grades, led by Challenge grade (#2) and Premier grade (#1). 6 Decoys. MDCA Board of Directors. It was a Mason Premiere Wood Duck Drake. TJ Thayne Johnson C.M.Wiggle Bait Co. T.L. Hi Everyone! If you requested additional sales records after you received your Online Appraisal Report, those additional sales records will be provided to you no more than 10 days after the receipt of your payment for the additional sales records. This is our proposal for an Online Appraisal which includes actual sales records when agreed to by the client, It will constitute a binding agreement between Masterpiece Technologies Inc. (who represents Dr. Lori) and the client. These were mainly made of solid cedar with a heavy body and lead weights. As used herein, Producer shall include Producer, its licensees, successors and assigns, and each of their respective parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates, and each of their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents, representatives, successors, licensees and assigns. Decoy is hollow and as such very light showing some wear to the tips of the paint as well as a few shot marks. Check out more auction listings which sold duck decoys for thousands of dollars here! While most decoys made were ducks, carved swans and other birds are not uncommon but were generally made as folk art, not hunting. The makers mark are lightly wood burned on the bottom of the decoy. Decoys can be full-bodied or hollow, and posed in standing, swimming, preening or sleep. The bottoms were the classic Illinois River design with a V shape to withstand the rivers current, according to Guyette and Deeter, auctioneers specializing in decoys. COLLECTION OF 8 VINTAGE HANDMADE DUCK DECOYS: COLLECTION OF 8 VINTAGE HANDMADE DUCK DECOYS: Working decoys To include 1) Pratt Decoy Co. canvasback, missing weight, 6 1/2'' high x 16'' long. Our Topflight floating duck decoys feature a weight-forward swim keel for realistic movement across the water. Frank Schmid Mississauga Ontario Canada, garynmari Gary C. Kaminen Keewatin, MN, G.D.B. The primary materials were mud and carcasses to conjure the outlines of these creatures. Determine what you enjoy seeing in your collection and focus on the style, origin, or particular craftsperson or company you are passionate about. After we receive your information on the item, we will contact you at the email address that you provided concerning our acceptance to proceed and regarding payment methods. The decoys are cedar, carved on a pattern lathe in a readily identifiable, pleasing form, finished by hand, and painted in elaborate patterns by hand. Joiner's infamous duck head signature may or may not be on a branded decoy as most decoys branded CWJ were made in the 1950s and 1960s before he started signing decoys. Compare the pictures in the book with your items and try to find similar models. Tell us what else you do know and the Antiques Appraiser will be able to better assist you. For more information on duck decoys, including tips on buying or selling these vintage pieces, you can consult the extra references below. Most Valuable Antique Sewing Machine (Worth $4000+), Most Valuable Antique Stoneware Jugs (Most Rare One Sold for $8,125), Most Valuable Antique Dolls: Identification, Price Assessment, and Buyers Guide, Most Valuable Antique Silver Spoons: Identifying, Valuing, And Buying (Ultimate Guide). Wiggle Bait Co Thayne Johnson Minneapolis,MN, collectderf Fred J. Beaudry Marquette, MI, collector-03, RK Ron Kimball Clearbrook, MN, Cox yoopermarket(), Brian and Linda Cox Bessemer, Michigan, CS- Charles Spiron Godsboro, North Carolina, C. Spiron Charles Spiron Goldsboro, North Carolina, CTFSH Catfish George George Wingo Effingham, Kansas, Curts Decoys Curt Soine Granite Falls, MN, Cys Decoys Cyrus D. Halvorson Willmar, MN, Dan C Outsider Primitive Folk Art Daniel Ciesielski Cocoa, FL, Dark Water Decoys Rich Brooks Langhorne, PA, D/D Dumb & Dumber toygrldp61 Dennis & Diana Pearson Las Vegas, Nevada, D. Steffen Dean Steffen Hillsboro, Missouri, DC Dean Crouser, Old Oregon Lures Gresham, Oregon, decoy2547 Dennis M. Nelson North Olmsted, Ohio, DecoysbyRAS David Rasmussen Detroit Lakes, MN, dfamiano Dominick Famiano, Lake Ann, Michigan, DFD Duluth Fish Decoy David Perkins Duluth, MN, D. Gilbert Dave Gilbert Palmerton, PA, DK (Sylized monogram) Dave Kober McBain, MI, dk (stylized monogram) David A. Kaufman Weymouth, MA, D. Nelson decoy2547 Dennis M. Nelson North Olmsted, Ohio, DJV Dallas J. Valley Prairie du Chien, WI, Donald Bethel Decoys Donald Bethel Park Rapids, MN, Double Diamond Spears Mark & Harlan Wilkens Plato, MN, Double H (not HH) Harold Henry Eyre, father of Michael Harold Eyre, Meyre Lures London, Ontario Canada, DP Don Preston Sharon, Ontario, Canada, duckhead Greg Bully Van Eeckhout Nisswa, MI, Dueys Decoys E. Duane Johnston New York Mills, MN, Duluth Fish Decoys or DFD David Perkins Duluth, MN, E eagle-00 Gerry Castagneri Hibbing, MN, EC Edward Ed Clark Villas New Jersey, E.D. So now, head on to eBay, Etsy, 1stDibs, Amazon, or any antique store close to you to buy or list your original vintage duck decoys. A: Yes, they are genuine collection pieces. This will lower their value. Not all of Blairs pieces are worth this much. Duck Decoys Trio Three duck decoys to include: Victor Working Duck Decoy Pair Two (2) vintage. The Graves decoys cannot be compared to world-famous antique items. Identifying antique duck decoys is a form of art. ELEVEN AMERICAN HAND-PAINTED WOOD DUCK DECOYS. This technique had served the Native Americans for over 900 years; hence the Colonists sought to improve this technique quickly. 1 Decoy. If you have one of these, you may be in possession of a treasured antique piece. Below, explore seven of the most sought-after decoy carvers for a better sense of what duck and shorebird decoys sell for in the market. A handful of carvers have gone on to become renowned in this field with some of their most desirable decoys bringing huge sums. Even while dead, Crowell is still taking in tons of money. Some decades ago, the Fine Arts of Boston picked up a few of his works and saved them in their museum. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. This appraisal reflects the appraisers opinion of the fair market value which has been established by rarity, comparability to similar items in the current market being offered and sold at private galleries and public auctions, published sales records, desirability, condition, and recent market trends. Some duck decoys were carved for hunting, some for decoration, while a few served both purposes. Here's some help with sending files. A post shared by Russ Goldberger/RJG Antiques (@rjgducks). In fact, if you look closely, you can still see whittle marks, he said. Almost all his decoys were made with the heads erect and facing forward.. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Breker at work auctioning rare office machines April 4, Turner offering European decorative art, fine art April 25. Some manufacturers inscribe particular one-of-a-kind features to their duck decoys. Duck decoys do not and cannot have a fixed price. Crowell, Charles Perdew, Ken Harris, the Ward Brothers, Robert Elliston, Shang Wheeler, Joseph Lincoln are among the field's blue-chip carvers. Crowell, Charles Perdew, Ken Harris, the Ward Brothers, Robert Elliston, Shang Wheeler, Joseph Lincoln are among the fields blue-chip carvers. Thriving on the influx of seasonal hunters traveling down for the hunting seasons along the Illinois River, as well as local hunters, Perdew made decoys and even fixed the weapons of the hunters that came around. Charles and his wife, Edna, worked together. Masterpiece Technologies Inc., its affiliates, and employees have the right to refuse to address any submission or part thereof at their discretion. Lothrop Holmes is also a Massachusetts native-like Crowell. Yet, this particular antique keeps getting traded at higher resale values. 3 Decoys. Actual functional decoys and examples that have beenused are sought after with collectors when compared withornamental carved decoy and related objects. This piece is shrouded in a tone of mystery. Co. Bruce and Helen Wakefield Watkins, MN, B.S. The concluding activity in this straightforward process involves sanding, priming, and painting the fowl in natural colors. Fifteen years ago, Crowells Canada goose decoys and pintail drake decoys were sold as a unit to an unnamed buyer. The world auction record for a Charles Perdew decoy is for a mallard hen Guyette & Deeter Inc. sold for $252,000 in 2007. No responsibility for the accuracy of items furnished to the appraiser by other parties may be assumed by the appraiser. Co. Grand Daddy Bait Co., Jerry Eppel Bloomington, MN, Gener Hans Janner, Sr. Mt. If you need to wash them, use only water and a cloth, never soap. Learning to identify vintage and antique duck decoys is an art lesson. However, those repainted or repaired might not be as valuable as those in perfect condition. Avoid touching the items too much, as skin grease may affect the colors. Mason Premier Mallard Hen | Mason Challenge Mallard Hen Today was a treat for K2, and I. In the mid-1900s, duck decoys were as scarce as ever and were regarded as collectible items of folk art. Check the paint and wood consistency and texture, as well as the overall pattern. SIX WILDFOWLER DECOY CO. DECOYS Four blackSIX WILDFOWLER DECOY CO. DECOYS Four black ducks, one mallard drake and one goldeneye drake. As in all areas of the arts, decoy carvers are artists and craftsmen. His decoys were said to be finished with a knife only. While a few make the markings on the wing side. There are many variations in duck decoy designs, shapes, and sizes. Valuable Antique Duck Decoys 1.The Crowell Bundle 2.The Eider Drake Decoy 3.The Merganser Hen Carving 4.The Wilson Drake Duck Decoy 5.Cobb Brant Mallard Duck Decoys 6.The Blaird Mallard decoy 7.Graves Mallard Decoys 8.Simple Wood Duck by Thomas Chambers Final Note The History Of Antique Duck Decoys If buyers wanted Crowells top-grade embellished decoys with deep relief wings and tail carving, however, the price rose to $24 a dozen. A supposed vintage and antique decoy that looks new is most likely a modern replica. The illegality, invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall in no way affect the validity or enforceability of any of the remainder of this Agreement, which shall be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law. This in itself is a tricky task. Some of the lures in this range were handpainted in eye-catching natural shades, which were easy to spot. Nails or long spikes are used to join the head and the decoys body. Crisfield maker decoys have brought the respect of collectors as evidenced by the sale of Lloyd Tylers Hooded Merganser in the 6 figure range at the Guyette and Schmidt decoy sale in November 07 and the . Crowell began his carving career in the early 1900s and continued carving excessively till he kicked the bucket in 1952. Become a Subscriber; Renew a Subscription; Give a Gift Subscription; . Created by Gus Wilson, this antique item broke one of the antique duck decoy sales record recently. However, the majority had two-dimensional profiles. Photos should be attached to this thread. These models were larger in size, with solid bodies and iron nail bills. Ronald is 100% a decoy/waterfowl maker. He began making handmade decoys in 1890 of cedar blocks with heads carved and finished by hand. Vintage Desk Duck Decoy Carved Wood Makers Mark Sponsored $67.50 $90.00 + $13.90 shipping BLUEBILL DRAKE by applegate Barnegat NJ ~ Wood Carved Duck Decoy ~ Circa 1920? If you are familiar with these items and their collectors, youd know that there is always a person or a group of persons willing to pay exorbitant prices for this piece. A duck decoy may be worth lots of money, whether it has been mass-produced, with exquisite realistic details, or carved by craftspeople hundreds of years ago. The Online Appraisal, additional sales records, and other opinions provided do not constitute a guarantee of sale. Ten miniature carved and painted duck decoys: Collection of duck decoys golden eye drake. Although it wasnt as expensive as the paired Crowell Bundle, this single pair sold for a whopping $856,000. Actual sales record(s) are part of the Online Appraisal document that Dr. Lori prepares. How do I obtain an acceptable photograph? Masterpiece Technologies Inc. is not responsible for any problems caused by internet connections or access issues related to its website. When attending antique affairs, expect to find: You might struggle to find genuine antique decoys if you are new in the duck decoy collectors niche.

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